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There are many reasons that people do what they do. Some call it "cause and effect", others call it destiny, and still others call it faith. Whatever the reason for your actions, this is the (real life) story of some of the co founders of The Tropical Breeze.

The four young sisters

"Every time as we drove to the local town nearby (On the Island of Negros, Philippines) , we passed by one particular derelict shack. It struck us as odd that we always saw 4 young sisters at the shack with never a parent or adult in sight.

Feeling sorry for these girls we began to stop and give them a few candies, goodies or other treats as we passed by. Soon they seemed to recognize the sound of our car approaching, as they would all be waiting beside the road, their faces, despite being dirty and grubby, would be lit up with smiles.

Concerned for the welfare of these girls, we began asking around to neighbours why these girls were living alone in this shack and not going to school with the other local village children.

The story of their plight was repeated again and again by neighbours. Of the 5 siblings, we learned that the eldest was a young boy, living with family relations in a distant village, almost 70 km away. The other 4 siblings, sisters ranging from 3 to 9 years old, were left alone in their derelict shack for days at a time, fending for themselves, with inadequate food, shelter and no schooling.

In speaking with the girls, the oldest sister relayed the details of their plight.

Only one month after giving birth to the youngest sister, the mother left the family and moved to Manila, Philippines taking up with another man. The girls' father began drinking, abandoning the children in their derelict shack for days. When the rains began, their shack leaked so badly that the girls were forced to seek out and beg for shelter with neighbours.

As we live by the beach, friends from abroad were always welcome to come for holidays and stay with us. After seeing the girls and hearing of the plight, several friends asked if we were able to keep an eye on the girls and look out for them. Our friends offered additional money and assistance in order that we could build a small home for the girls, provide for their food and schooling needs.

Within a short time, all four girls looked healthy, happy and had hope for the future. Although their living accommodation was separate from our home, adult supervision was always nearby, keeping an eye on them.
TheTropicalBreeze.org / A new house built for the girls!
It was almost one year after coming under our care, when one of the sisters made us aware of an existing condition with the youngest sister, a happy and joyful child, only 4 years old. We were concerned for her health, being unaware of what the problem was, and took her to the doctor. The examination revealed that the youngest girl had been mistreated before coming to stay under our care. We were very alarmed at this news and began wondering if the same fate had befallen the other sisters.

Accompanied by Social Services personnel, complete medical examinations were undertaken for all the girls and our greatest fears were confirmed. All 4 of the girls, now ranging from 4 - 10 years old, had been maltreated prior to coming under our care. The girls were taken to the police station and a report was made. As the case of abuse is still open, we look forward to, on behalf of the girls, judicial action being taken one day.

Although we have been unable to prevent the paternal father from taking 2 of the girls back home, the other 2 sisters are growing emotionally, psychologically, attending full time school and have hope for the future. It is only a matter of time until the other 2 sisters are able to make their own decisions and we only hope the best for them."

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Mariels letter / TheTropicalBreeze.org
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We are proud to look at our girls knowing that they have hope for the future. A future made possible by the generosity of strangers. But this story doesn't end here. These girls represent but a drop of water in the ocean of despair. It is heart-wrenching to know we can not save every child in need, but we need your help to try.

Through your generosity we can clothe, feed, shelter and provide hope for the future of other children - children that are in need, not because of their actions, but due to the lack of action by others. Your generous donations of funds, supplies and services will help the children that need it most. Please donate whatever you can today and provide hope and a future for an unfortunate child. Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to help us help the children.

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