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Our kids need your help!

As we all scramble to get the latest iPhone, smartphone or other gadget, order the latest trendy coffee at Starbucks, or buy the largest, brightest, sharpest LED TV available, take a moment to think of those less fortunate.

Less fortunate doesn't mean someone with last year's iPhone, it doesn't mean a tall instead of a grande coffee, it doesn't mean any of this. The less fortunate, for us, means young children in the Philippines that are destitute and abandoned.

Can you imagine

Imagine being 10 years old and reliving your childhood. Now think of that 10 year old child living alone and abandoned, with no home, hiding from sexual predators, begging for scraps of food and resorting to getting high sniffing glue, just to ease the hunger pangs! This is the daily life for thousands of abandoned young Filipino boys and Filipino girls in the Philippines today!

Reasons to care, a collection of real life stories.

Read some of the real life stories of these children.

Help us to help them! Financial support is most important for these young children here in The Philippines. With cash we can purchase healthy food, provide proper shelter and clean water, provide clothing and pay for their basic education.

Abused young girl / TheTropicalBreeze.org
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FACT: Every day that you don't help us or other reputable "help agencies" (for less than the cost of a cup of coffee or hamburger) another young Filipino boy or girl will suffer another day!

I can't help you financially, what else can I do?

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Facts and resources about the kids in the Philippines
Read more about Filipino children in danger

Thank you for caring!

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