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A privately run charity with no political or religious affiliation!

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has a right to a childhood, the right to be educated, the right to be healthy, the right to be treated fairly and the right to be heard.

The mission of the Tropical Breeze is to help homeless and abandoned children in the Philippines.

Like a warm wind blowing in on a cool evening, The Tropical Breeze will bring warmth, hope and love to the hearts of the helpless and will raise these children from the depths of despair and show them what life has to offer.

Established in 2014, The Tropical Breeze is a non-denominational, non-political, not-for-profit privately run charity that will reach out to the abandoned children of the Philippines and, with your support, make a difference.

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Due to the alarming rate of corruption and scammers in the Philippines we want to inform our visitors that we only take donations on our site TheTropicalBreeze.org. Anything else is a scam! Never provide financial support to people claiming to be a Tropical Breeze representative!

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