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Imagine a small child with no home...
Imagine a small child with no food...
Imagine a small child abandoned & forgotten...

Now open your eyes. This isn't just imagination, it's reality. And it is a daily reality for thousands of abandoned & homeless young kids in the Philippines today.

Facts and resources about the kids in the Philippines

Alert: Read more about Filipino children in danger

Reasons to care, a collection of real life stories.
The Tropical Breeze is a small privately run charity with no political or religious affiliation and by offering shelter, food and education to these unfortunate boys and girls in the Philippines we can change their reality!
Read some of the real life stories of these Filipino children.

How can you help these desperate young children?
Give us a hand and become a sponsor today! Follow the link below to learn more about our sponsorship program and how you and I can make a difference for these young Filipino boys & girls today!
YOU are the only hope these kids have, learn more here

Thank you Mr. R Duterte for promoting us!

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Due to the alarming rate of corruption and scammers in the Philippines we want to inform our visitors that we only take donations on our site TheTropicalBreeze.org. Anything else is a scam! Never provide financial support to people claiming to be a Tropical Breeze representative!
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